Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is for a just world where people have equal opportunities to transform their lives, invest in their communities, and shape the future of their countries.


Our mission is to invest in, and support the sustainability of, a resilient and empowered civil society infrastructure and innovative youth, who can collectively lead a transformational positive change in their communities and countries.


  • Passion: We care deeply about the communities we work with, and this drives our work and approach.
  • Diversity and inclusivity: We ensure that the Foundation and its partners are inclusive and work with all equally and fairly.
  • Partnership: We will listen to, share learning with, and create linkages between our partners to improve our work and theirs.
  • Excellence: We strive for professionalism and excellence in our work and that of our partners.
  • Fairness: We aim to be fair in our procedures and open about our successes and failures, and expect the same from our partners.