Palestine and Palestinians

The difficult situation of Palestinians continues to exercise many people around the world. In 1948 and in 1967, thousands of Palestinians fled from Israeli advances to neighbouring countries or camps in the West Bank and Gaza; their 10 million[1] descendants continue to wait for resolution, many of them refugees, often living in difficult circumstances. Many of those who previously lived in Syria have recently become refugees once more. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza continue to face many obstacles as the Israeli occupation continues in various forms. Palestinian young citizens of Israel face more obstacles to education and employment than the average Israeli citizen. We support Palestinian education and civil society organisations working with Palestinians in our target countries and support the Palestinian community in Israel through reputable partnerships focusing on education and youth leadership.

[1] Includes populations of the State of Palestine (Gaza and West Bank) – approximately 5m (UNData,, accessed 24 April 2019), and Palestinian refugees in the region – approximately 5m (UNRWA,, accessed 24 April 2019)