Where We Work

As a small family foundation with limited resources, we choose carefully where to focus our efforts to deliver the best possible impact with our funds. In our current strategy (2018 – 2022), we focus our efforts predominantly in the Levant and UK, with particular attention to the situation of the Syrian diaspora. However, we recognise that the knowledge, practices, and innovations developed by civil society organisations (CSOs) in this regional context can have real value for communities in the wider Arab region and beyond. We aim to make this accessible to all who might benefit, regardless of geography.

Our Key Target Countries and Communities:

Syria and Syrians. We remain deeply concerned about the situation in Syria, about the impact of the crisis on Syrians and host communities in Lebanon and Jordan, and the prospects for the development of a just, prosperous, pluralistic and secular society in Syria. We will therefore concentrate a significant amount of our resources on supporting organisations addressing these challenges, and on building the foundations for such a society. We will not work with Syrian refugees outside Syria, Lebanon or Jordan.

Palestine and Palestinians. The Palestinians, whether in the West Bank or Gaza, Palestinian citizens of Israel, or refugees in Lebanon or Syria, continue to face a range of serious challenges. We will continue to support Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Lebanon through our Youth Empowerment Programme, and Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria through our Civil Society Programme.

Lebanon. We will support work in Lebanon by supporting organisations that focus on the priority areas of our Civil Society and Youth Empowerment programmes. We will be particularly supportive of organisations that also address the community cohesion issues arising from the fact that Lebanon and the Lebanese continue to host large numbers of refugees from Syria and Palestine.

Jordan. Given the welcome that Syrians have been given in Jordan, the Foundation will also provide help to Syrian refugees there through its Youth Empowerment Programme and occasionally through relief donations. These projects will include Jordanians, in recognition of the fact that many Jordanian young people also struggle to obtain an education and find decent work.

United Kingdom. When Ayman and Sawsan Asfari moved to the UK, they received a very warm welcome and they wish to continue to contribute to British society. We are concerned about the limited employment opportunities available to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and will thus focus on supporting entrepreneurship among young people.