What We Do

The Asfari Foundation delivers its mission through three programmes.

The Youth Empowerment Programme aims to help young people gain a good education and make a successful transition to a productive, engaged adulthood. We give grants to partners who

  • enable young people to move from education into employment and enterprise.
  • give Syrian and Palestinian refugee students in Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine access to vocational and higher education.
  • improve education systems in our target countries.

The Civil Society Programme aims to encourage the development of strong and resilient civil societies that work for the common good. Our partners

  • provide professional development opportunities to young civil society activists;
  • facilitate networking between civil society organisations.
  • encourage research on civil society, particularly by young Arab writers.
  • strengthen civil society in our target countries.

The Relief Programme supports young people affected by emergencies and is largely focused on the Syria crisis. With our partners, we

  • practically support young people living in emergency situations inside Syria and in neighbouring countries.
  • educate young refugees in countries neighbouring Syria.
  • support Syrian civil society, strengthen and showcase its work, and help Syrian civil society activists communicate their visions of a peaceful, democratic future for Syria.

Many of our partners and the Foundation itself regularly conduct research, some of which can be accessed through the Research page.

Details on each programme can be found through the links below.