The Violations Documentation Center in Syria

The Violations Documentation Center (VDC) in Syria is a Syrian human rights (HR) organisation registered in Switzerland. The VDC was founded by two renowned Syrian HR defenders, Razan Zeitouneh (who has been missing for three years) and Mazen Darwish, to credibly document and expose HR violations – regardless of the perpetrator – to enhance impunity and accountability, and build a future Syrian society based on justice. The VDC was restructured in 2016 by its Board of Directors andVDC is now being run by the Syrian HR defender Husam Alkatlaby. The VDC currently focuses its work on Syrian victims of violence and on detainees and missing people.

With core funding from the Asfari Foundation, the VDC will be able to cover salaries of key staff members over a period of six months to expand into a fully-fledged HR organisation. This funding will help the organisation strengthen its structure and capacity to become more professional, transparent, and better able to engage stakeholders, which in turn will help Syria’s civil society to better document and publicise human rights violations and hold perpetrators of violence to account.