The Galilee Foundation

The Galilee Foundation is a UK registered charity established in 2007 with the objective of supporting the Palestinian community living in Israel by promoting development and alleviating poverty. The Galilee Foundation works towards achieving its objectives by supporting educational and cultural initiatives. Its core programme is the Scholarship Programme, which annually supports and empowers 250 undergraduate students through the provision of scholarships, training and awareness raising activities, cultural activities, mentoring, a volunteering pGalileerogramme and more. The Galilee Foundation Scholarship Programme is by far the largest and most comprehensive independent Programme available to Palestinian students living in Israel. The Galilee Foundation also supports other educational and cultural projects with a focus on children, youth and young adults, including a Music Academy for disadvantaged children, an independent school, training for PhD students, a Youth Leadership Training Programme and a research centre.

With funding from the Asfari Foundation in 2016-17, the Galilee Foundation is supporting scholarships for 12 Palestinian undergraduate students (aged 18 to 35) through the provision of scholarships and training. With Asfari support, these young people will gain key knowledge and skills, enabling them access to better job opportunities and helping them to lead positive change in their local communities.