Teens and Toddlers

Teens and Toddlers is a UK registered charity established in 2001. The organisation aims to inspire disengaged young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed at school, in work and in the community. Teens and Toddlers flagship programmes bring together teenage mentors and children to build the sense of responsibility teenagers need in the workplace and their resilience around the challenges of working with children. In addition, Teens and Toddles have classroom sessions for the teenagers to reflect on their learning and mentoring activities. Teens and Toddlers support their youth in achieving a QCF Entry Level 3 Qualification in Personal and Social Development to re-engage the young people in education and enhance key work skills and employability. In 2016, it reached 2,396 children and young people in the UK, and the organisation has helped over 16,000 since it began in 2001. The programme is the first in the world to meet the outcoTeensme target of a Social Impact Bond (SIB) and one of two charities to successfully deliver on two SIBs; the programme was awarded “Best Completed Evaluation” and “Best Submitted Evaluation Plan” awards at Project Oracle 2014.

The Teens and Toddlers programme aims to help reengage young people with education and give them the work skills needed for their future. In 2017, with funding from the Asfari Foundation, Teens and Toddlers are running 24 projects in the North West of England in 2017. Each project takes eight to ten disadvantaged young people on an 18-week course through mentoring a struggling nursery school child. The course will train young people in essential life skills such as empathy and leadership and, through reflective sessions with facilitators, they will reflect on their time with the toddler and how they can apply these lessons to their own lives.