The Syrian Centre for Reconciliation, Dialogue and Peace

The Syrian Centre for Reconciliation, Dialogue and Peace is a Canadian not-for-profit organisation registered in 2012. It envisages an effective civil society sector in Syria to serve as a basis for an open, tolerant, inclusive and democratic society. It trains Syrian civil society leaders so they can lead the creation of a more impactful civil society in Syria, and so they can become peacebuilders in their communities. It has worked on a number of successful women’s leadership training courses in camps in Syria and Jordan, in addition to a workshop on transition to a democratic society in Syria and a civilian protection dialogue session for Syrian activists in Gaziantep, Turkey.

In 2016, the Asfari Foundation funded the Centre’s training course in organisational skills for Syrian civil society activists, with an emphasis on conflict resolution, negotiations, and peace-building strategies. The five-day training course, which took place in Broumana in Lebanon, brought together 19 Syrian participants from various backgrounds, and exposed participants to a variety of skills related to conflict resolution, negotiating and peace building. In 2017, the Foundation is supporting a similar course for 15 further Syrian civil society activists and trainers, helping them develop key skills for peace-building inside Syria.