Street League

Street League’s mission is to deliver a combined sport and employability programme helping disadvantaged young people to achieve lasting positive change and employment. Founded in 2001, the UK charity originally worked with homeless people, before focusing its aims in 2010 on providing hard employment outcomes to unemployed young people aged 16-24.  Since then it has supported over 4,000 young people into work, training or education. Its combined sport and employability programme supports unemployed young  people aged 16-24 to gain the skills, confidence, work experience and qualifications, needed to  progress into employment, education or training. Last year 1,281 of its young people progressed into employment, training or education.Street League

In 2016, the Asfari Foundation funded the salary of a Progressions Coordinator to support Street League’s work in Greater Manchester, delivering the curriculum and supporting young people with their employability progress. Through this programme, participating young people gained functional English and maths qualifications through a fun, innovative, bespoke and engaging football-based curriculum. Participants were also required to create, organise and plan a community event, and many of the participants undertook work placements to put their newfound employability skills into practice. Over 60 young participants benefited from Asfari funding of this project. In 2017, the Foundation is supporting the salary of a Progressions Coordinator at Street League’s academy in Birmingham, helping 80 additional young people to gain the confidence and practical employability skills they need to enter the job market.