Sonbola Group for Education and Development

Sonbola Group for Education and Development was launched in 2014 and registered as a non-profit organisation in Lebanon in October 2015. It aims to fill the gaps in educational needs of Syrian refugee children and youth, with a particular focus on quality education, innovation and sustainability. Its three core programmes are Taleem (which removes some of the barriers that hinder children’s access to formal education such as by providing school transport support), Tamkeen (non-formal education providing a comprehensive set of learning activities around the core areas of numeracy and literacy, thinking and personal skills, and psychosocial support) and Tadreeb (training for Syrian teachers). Sonbola’s work has been featured by a number of media outlets.Sonbola

In 2016 the Asfari Foundation funded Sonbola’s work in the Bekaa Valley, a project addressing the urgent need for both formal and non-formal educational opportunities for Syrian children in Lebanon and the isolation of Syrian teachers from most educational initiatives targeting Syrian children in Lebanon. The Foundation will continue to support Sonbola’s Tamkeen project in 2017, providing informal education for 300 children and teenagers aged 6-14. The non-formal education includes remedial education in Arabic, English, sciences and maths, as well as computer education, robotics and psychosocial support through art, music, drama and citizenship education. Through this project the Foundation is supporting vital educational opportunities for Syrian children out of education in Lebanon.