Seenaryo is an arts and education organisation founded in 2015 that works with Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.  Seenaryo empowers refugees by enabling them to create high quality art. It builds capacity among refugee communities by training them in facilitation and artistic skills. Seenaryo aims to foster social cohesion within and between refugee communities and host organisations in Lebanon. Longer term, it aims to challenge audiences locally and internationally to reassess cultural assumptions about refugees.Seenaryo

Seenaryo run participation, training and education programmes all year round. Asfari Foundation funding is supporting its pilot “Training of Teachers” programme, which includes: a “Creative Toolkit” for schools (training teachers how to use theatre techniques in the classroom, benefiting 150 teachers via one-off sessions); “Applying Theatre in School” (training 30 teachers over three months to lead their own play with their class); and finally “Young Facilitators” (training 10 young aspiring teachers in how to apply the arts in an educational context). These courses offer teachers and young people not only a different route into teaching but a whole new approach to pedagogy in terms of creativity in the classroom, collaboration between teachers and learners, and engagement with curriculum. As a result of this training, teachers will gain key teaching skills and boost their employability prospects; children will gain better understanding of their curriculum subjects whilst gaining increased skills and confidence through performance. This course has the potential to have a multiplier effect and be used as a model to be scaled-up.