Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford was established in 2006 as part of the Department of Politics and International Relations. A research centre in the comparative study of journalism, it aims to serve as a forum for productive engagement between scholars and practitioners of journalism, bringing the depth and rigour of academic scholarship of the highest standards to major issues of relevance to the world of news media. The Institute’s Journalism Fellowship Programme for international journalists has been running since 1983, and is hosted by the Institute in association with Green Templeton College. These Fellowships aim to develop understanding of the media industry, improve knowledge and focus on an in-depth piece of research away from the pressure of tight deadlines.

Since 2013 the Asfari Foundation has supported seven fellows at the Institute. These mid-career journalists gain the opportunity to conduct in-depth research and reflect on their practices in the journalism sector. The Fellowships help journalists to professionalise and improve the standard of the media landscape in the region and encourage reporters to produce knowledge and generate debate to actively engage the citizens of the Levant (as well as international audiences). To date, the Foundation has supported three Syrians, four Lebanese and one Palestinian to study at the Institute for a six month (two-term) Fellowship, helping them develop their skills to better address audiences, on a local, regional and international level.