Radio Rozana

Rozana Radio Association is a non-profit organisation registered in France and Turkey, set up by Syrian media workers. Rozana’s vision is for an independent, non-sectarian, and non-partisan media channel that addresses Syrian issues from different viewpoints and with the highest professional and ethical standards. Rozana has a wide network of freelance correspondents within Syria and around the world but works mainly in Syria, Turkey and France. It believes in the importance of free speech and the role of the media in building democracy and accountability. It has been supported by International Media Support, the Open Society Foundation, UNICEF and UNESCO.

In 2017 the Asfari Foundation is supporting Rozana Radio’s training of displaced Syrian media workers in Turkey.  200 media workers will receive training to ensure their journalism is of the highest standard. The project will also provide training to ten qualified trainers to ensure sustainability and scalability of the training. Asfari Foundation funding, by supporting professional journalists to hone their skills, will ensure that Syria’s independent media sector is sustained and enhanced.