POINT was established by a group of humanitarian experts in 2014 as a voluntary initiative to strengthen the response to community needs and fill capacity building gaps among Syrian humanitarian organisations. It was registered in Turkey in 2015 and in Iraq in 2017. Its aims are to build and develop the capacity of individuals, communities and organizations and to enhance peace-building activities for better disaster response and risk reduction. POINT has received grants from UN agencies, Save the Children, Concern World Wide, ACTED, France Expertise, Mercy Corps, War Child and World Vision. To respond to communities and organizations’ needs, POINT has several projects operating in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.

In 2017 the Asfari Foundation is supporting the capacity assessment and development of 25 civil society organisations in Idlib province in Syria to promote organisational growth and increased individual professionalism among humanitarian aid workers. POINT’s qualified trainers, who are based in its Idlib training centre, will conduct technical assessments, consultations and training workshops within the fields of management and disaster preparedness. This comprehensive project will improve the effectiveness of humanitarian responses inside Syria.