Midan Art Competition 2021


We are delighted to finally announce our two Midan Art Competition winners: 🎉 Salim Dabliz and Maryem Ben Brahim 🎉
Many congratulations to both winners, and to everyone who submitted works – we really appreciate your contributions 👏
You can see the winning entries below 👌
Salim Dabliz (4 pages)
Maryem Ben Brahim (1 page):


The Midan Art Competition is now closed! Thanks for all your submissions. We will be updating you on the next steps on here and in the Midan Art Competition Facebook Group

What is this competition about?

Midan: A Knowledge Hub for Civil Society’ is a new not-for-profit online platform for local civil society organisations (LCSOs), charities and social enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It’s being developed by the Asfari Foundation, working closely with local CSO partners from MENA.

By facilitating learning, knowledge-sharing and network-building, Midan enables local organisations of MENA to grow their impact and influence—at home and across the world. It’s a brand new model that we think is exciting and full of potential. We want to communicate it to the world in a fun, fresh, accessible way.

So: we are looking for artists, graphic designers and visual storytellers from MENA to create an illustration that explains what Midan does, and how this leads to a network of stronger, more sustainable local organisations.

We’re offering 3 cash prizes (up to US$750)!


Why should I enter?

This is an opportunity for a creative to get their work onto a growing, exciting new platform and benefit from the exposure and audience that entails. Your designs may be used in Midan’s communications materials and platform, with full credit.


What can I win?

We are offering 3 cash prizes (USD):

  • 1st prize: $750
  • 2nd prize: $500
  • 3rd prize: $250


What do I need to illustrate?

Midan enables local CSOs (LCSOs) to build their impact and sustainability, showcase their expertise, share their learning, and build collaborative networks with local, regional and global actors.

To win, you need to illustrate how Midan’s model can lead to stronger, more impactful and more visible local organisations in MENA. Here is how Midan works:


  1. Midan gives local organisations access to relevant, quality, free online learning.
  2. This helps local organisations (which often have small budgets and very little time) to build their skills and professionalise for free, and in their own time.
  3. Greater skills leads to greater impact, greater sustainability and more funding from donors.
  4. Local organisations are experts in what they do, but unlike international organisations, don’t have the time or resources to turn that expertise into knowledge they can share with others. So they don’t reap the benefits that knowledge-sharing offers.
  5. This is where Midan comes in. Midan supports local organisations to turn their expertise into visual content and even into training courses—at no cost. They can choose to share that content with others in the Midan community. That means other local organisations, but also global actors like funders, think tanks and academic institutions.
  6. Highlighting and sharing their expertise in this way leads to two important things:
    1. Other local organisations benefit from the knowledge, which is good for the whole sector.
    2. The knowledge-sharers become more visible and recognised as contributors to the sector by other local orgs, and also by international actors, like policy-makers and donors.
  1. This makes others want to engage with the local orgs, which leads to greater, consultation, collaboration and funding.
  2. And this leads to even more visibility, influence, sustainability and impact for the local organisations.
  3. Which over time, helps local organisations to grow into recognised leaders of the MENA civil society sector.

And this is a goal we all want, because true, sustainable development in MENA can only happen if it is led by people of the region.


How do I enter?

Step 1: Join the Midan Art Competition Facebook Group

Step 2: Read the Applicant Guidance & Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Visit Midan, and look around to see what it’s about (quick sign-up required)

Step 4: (Optional!): come to the info session and ask your questions

Step 5: Create your illustration and send it to us!

Step 6: Sit back and wait a few weeks

Step 7: (Hopefully!): win a cash prize!


When will the winner be announced?

Before creating and submitting your entry, please ensure you have read the Applicant Guidance & Terms and Conditions.

To submit your entry for the competition, please email it to: asfariinstituteinfo@aub.edu.lb

Note: All entries and prize allocations will be administered as per AUB rules, regulations and vetting processes.

Please ensure you include the following details with your submission:

  • Email Subject line: ‘Midan Art Competition’
  • Entrant’s Details: First name, Surname
  • Details of Submission: Title, Media (e.g. digital, watercolour, pencil, oil on canvas etc) & Dimensions/Resolution

Note: If your submission is a physical piece of art, as opposed to a purely digital creation, please email a scanned copy/photograph of the original work.

Competition timeline:

  • Competition opens: Friday 14 May 2021
  • Submission deadline: Friday 11 June 2021
  • Winners announced: Friday 25 June 2021


Interested? Got questions? Come and meet us!

We will be online  on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 18:00 (Beirut) / 16:00 (London), and we’d love to meet you and answer any questions you might have. We’ll post the Zoom link in the Midan Art Competition Facebook group.