Lebanese Centre for Active Citizenship

The Lebanese Centre for Active Citizenship (LCAC) was registered as a charity in Lebanon in 2006. Working across Lebanon but particularly in the north of thLCACe country, it seeks to train Lebanese and Syrian young people about the importance of citizenship and dialogue. It has previously worked on projects including training for 300 Syrian and Lebanese men and women on active citizenship and supporting the implementation of local initiatives by beneficiaries.

In 2017, with Asfari Foundation funding, the LCAC is providing training for 24 Syrian and Lebanese activists in North Lebanon on the Active Citizenship Global Toolkit produced by the British Council. This training focuses on concepts of citizenship, dialogue, advocacy and planning social initiatives. The second phase of the project will involve cascading this training to an additional 120 people and supporting six social initiatives targeting Syrian refugees in Lebanon. As a result of this training, Syrian and Lebanese young people will better understand concepts of citizenship, tolerance, respect for other cultures and being active and responsible members of the community.