The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research

The Lebanese Association for Scientific Research (LASeR) is a Lebanese non-political and non-governmental organisation. Set up in 2009, its vision is to support and encourage scientific research in various fields, and to provide adequate support for researchers, scholars, and university students as a tool of reaching sustainable development for societies. LASeR currently comprises of more than 40 members who are researchers and university professors from various disciplines, a board of directors, a team of 15 employees and more than 50 volunteers. It aims to create and foster a positive ecosystem for research and higher education, where key players are empowered to make change and impact future generations.LASeR

The Asfari Foundation is currently supporting a LASeR-led training programme for Syrian teachers through a specially designed one year Teaching Diploma programme specially customised for crisis and camp-based teaching. 20 Syrian BA holders who are teaching in NGO schools in Lebanon were selected and enrolled in the Lebanese International University to get their certified diploma in teaching. Upon graduation, they will teach an average of 20-25 students per year, benefiting through this a total of 400-500 primary school students per year. This project will improve the quality of education for young Syrian refugees and increase the competitiveness of Syrian graduates in the Lebanese and future Syrian education system. Another of LASeR’s projects is a scholarship programme for Syrian refugees. The Asfari Foundation is currently funding scholarships for 20 Palestinian-Syrian refugee university students. These scholarships allow refugee students to attend the Lebanese International University and the Lebanese University and gain degrees at the end of their courses. The project also includes English language training and soft skills. Degrees from these universities will increase the competitiveness of these students in the Lebanese job market and hopefully in a future Syria.

Click here to view a video about some of the students supported through the Asfari Founded-funded LASeR scholarship programme.