Jusoor is a US-registered charity working to connect and engage the global Syrian expatriate community in education and development initiatives for Syria. It provides a university scholarship programme, a refugee education programme for children, an entrepreneurship training program, and an academic mentorship programme. Jusoor believes that young people in Syria should have access to better opportunities, and envisions a nation that embraces democracy, respects human rights and rule of law and encourages free speech and the exchange of ideas. ThJusoore organisation is best known internationally for its scholarship programme, and to date has supported at least 490 academic scholarships, and enrolled at least 3,412 Syrian children into schools.

Jusoor’s scholarship programme enables Syrian young people to continue their academic study and attain an education that will help their individual futures, as well as the future of Syria. Jusoor supports students in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East through full and partial funding and university partnerships. From 2016, the Asfari Foundation is supporting Jusoor’s scholarships for four Syrian undergraduates at universities in Lebanon, helping them to complete their education and pursue successful careers in the future.