Information for Grant applicants


The Asfari Foundation is coming to the end of a Strategic Review which aims to assess the impact of its work to date to determine what will be most useful to our partners going forward. When the review is finalised, we will be able to give a clear idea of what projects we will fund and where in the future. The review will be finalised during March. We encourage you to check our website where the new strategy will be made available and which will show information about the application criteria and process.


 The Asfari Foundation provides grants to reputable, registered and experienced local and international organisations that work on education, civil society, and humanitarian relief. Organisations can apply for funding throughout the year or in response to an open call for applications.

Before the Asfari team recommends any project to the Board of Trustees for funding, it carefully vets applications to ensure that the project proposed will help the Foundation reach particular programme objectives, that it matches the mandate and the values of the Foundation, and meets UK charity legislation. Through reading the project application, phone calls, a desk review, project visits and speaking to referees, the Programmes Team will explore the organisation’s management and financial systems, its viability, track record and experience in the country and with similar projects, as well as its legal status and reputation. The team will then assess the project, in terms of its match with the Foundation’s overall mandate, programme objectives and values, the need for the project, implementation plans, risk and feasibility.

Once the project has been vetted it will be submitted to one of three annual board meetings (usually held in February, June and October) for consideration by the Board of Trustees. Once the Trustees have decided, the partner is informed and a grant agreement will be drafted, setting out reporting requirements and other conditions. Once this agreement has been signed the grant will be made, after which regular monitoring and occasional evaluation will take place through written financial and narrative reports, emails, phone calls and field visits, and occasionally external evaluations.

While we have made grants as small as £3,000 and as large as £7m, our average grants tend to be between £20,000 and £50,000. All our grants are made in pound Sterling or US dollars.

If, having read the above, your organisation is interested in applying for a grant, we suggest you read the relevant information on the programme pages of this website. If you think your organisation meets the objectives of a particular programme and its values match those of the Foundation, we recommend that you send a short email to with a short introduction of your organisation and the project, including the total budget and how much you would ask the Foundation to fund. Alternatively, you could fill out the concept note which you can download here. Our team will then be in touch to tell you whether to submit a full application form, after which your project will be vetted as set out above.