Financial Information


Total income for 2019 amounted to £5.2 million (2018: £5.4m). Donations from the Asfari family constitute the principal source of income for the Foundation. Over the years, the family has made substantial donations to the Foundation. The Foundation also receives income from its investments.

Total expenditure on charitable activities for 2019 was £4.4 million (2018: £4.8m). Of this total, £3.7 million (2018: £4.3m) was spent on grants awarded across the Foundation’s programmes. Support costs to operate the organisation amounted to £0.7 million (2018: £0.6m).

Annual Accounts

As a registered charity, the Foundation produces annual reports and accounts which include detailed information about the work it did and the projects it funded in a particular year, as well as the audited financial report for that year. These can be downloaded below. Alternatively, you can also see these reports and other detailed information and graphs about our work, finances and legal matters on the UK Charity Commission’s new beta site (here) or on the original Charity Commission website.

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