Financial Information

The Asfari Foundation provides grants to reputable, registered and experienced local and international organisations that support education, civil society, and relief.

Grants range from £3,000-£7m but typical grant sizes are between £20,000-£50,000. In 2015 total expenditure came to £3.6m, including operational costs of £0.6m. Given the severity of the crisis in Syria, a significant part of expenditure was allocated to projects for Syrians (45%), the large majority of which took place in the UK, Lebanon and Turkey. Other expenditure was mainly directed at UK (19%), Palestine (16%) and Lebanon (14%) related projects, with the remaining balance (6%) being spread between other countries, but serving young people from the Foundation’s target countries.

2015 expenditure by programme area

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2015 expenditure by country

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The main source of income for the Foundation are the donations received from the Asfari family. In 2015 these totalled £2.9m after reclaiming Gift Aid. The Foundation has investments to a value of some £12m, from which it draws part of its programme expenditure. In 2015, this totalled £0.5m.

Please click on the links below for annual reports for the years 2012 to 2015:

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Further detailed legal and financial information about the Foundation can be found on the Charity Commission website.