How We Work

The issues the Foundation deals with – the conflict in Syria, quality of and access to education and employment, strengthening a beleaguered civil society – are complicated and change quickly. The most knowledgeable sources of information on these subjects are often local organisations that work on these issues, and we try to identify the organisations that have effective and innovative approaches. We ask our partners to make very clear at the outset of the partnership how they assess needs and what they think is the best way to address them.

From time to time we also commission research, or commission consultants (often from the Arab region) to help us understand the root causes and exact nature of a particular problem and what may be useful ways to address them. When we have done this we do our best to find the most suitable partners so that, together, we can deliver lasting change.

We aim to learn from our experiences, good or bad, to improve our work constantly. We know this will help us leverage our funds and our networks to achieve real and lasting change.

How we develop our strategy and make grants (including to organisations providing scholarships) is set out in the pages on the right.