Foundation for Al Quds Medical Schools in Palestine

The Foundation for Al Quds Medical Schools in Palestine (FQMS) is a British charity that was founded in 1997. It aims to advance medical practice in Palestine, with an emphasis on medical education and postgraduate training. FQMS supports medical students in Palestine by providing support for electives abroad, transportation support inside Gaza, IELTS training, postgraduate training and medical training, visits by external lecturers and examiners to Palestine, and medical equipment for universities.

In 2017, the Asfari Foundation is supporting FQMS to provide accommodation for medical students studying at Al-Quds University. These students have to commute between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Hebron to do their clinical training in the fourth, fifth and sixth years of their undergraduate medical degrees. Barriers and checkpoints between Palestinian villages, camps and cities make it very difficult for medical students to commute to their training hospitals. Without this accommodation, many students would not be able to attend their training. Asfari support will contribute to the accommodation of 250 students over the period of one year.