Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School (CBS) is the only Ivy League institution that delivers a learning experience where academic excellence meets real-time exposure to the pulse of business in New York City.  Established in 1916, Columbia Business School has been educating business leaders, teaching actionable skills in order to deliver immediate impact and CBSlong term results. The ‘Developing Leaders Program for Non-Profit Professionals’ (DLP) is a one week intensive executive education programme specifically designed for NGO workers with the potential to become senior executives with more training and experience.

The Asfari Foundation set up a partnership with Columbia in 2013. This has provided bursaries for the DLP to some 25 emerging young managers and leaders from non-profit organisations in the Foundation’s target countries. Topics covered in the DLP include strategic management and leadership. So far, five Syrians, six Palestinians, one Palestinian-Syrian, five British and two Lebanese young leaders have been supported. By participating in this course, young civil society leaders are able to enhance their knowledge and skills and, in turn, to strengthen their organisations to deliver better results for the wider community.