Citizens for Syria

Citizens for Syria is a civil society organisation established and registered in Berlin in 2013 with a presence in Turkey and a team spread across the Syrian provinces. The organisation’s vision is for a democratic and peaceful Syria with an active civil society participating in the development of communities inside Syria and part of international movements for liberty and peace. Citizens for Syria is developing a network, bringing together activists and organisations from Syria to collaborate on projects and exchange knowledge, supporting the Syrian people and taking part in a global movement of solidarity. It also works on research on Syrian civil actors including mapping civil society organisations and capacity assessment. Past supporters include the Swiss Foreign Office, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Care international and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

 In 2017, Citizens for Syria is expanding its capacity development department within its new office in Gaziantep, also developing a capacity building curriculum for civil society organisations and small initiatives inside Syria. Citizens for Syria staff will then train organisations to perform their work more effectively. The Asfari Foundation is providing core funding to help develop this capacity building department and curriculum. As a result of Asfari Foundation funding, 25 members of Citizens for Syria staff will become more confident trainers, and many staff members from Syrian civil society organisations and local councils inside Syria will develop key skills.