Badael is a Syrian NGO working to empower Syrian civil society groups and NGOs in their peace building activities and nonviolence and human rights work inside Syria. Originally established in 2013 as a project incubated by the German Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and registered in Turkey in 2015, it envisages a pluralistic and democratic Syria. It works primarily on capacity building projects (including training on issues from non-violent resistance and transitional justice to combating child recruitment and sexual and gender-based violence in the conflict), research on conflict and peace in Syria (to determine what can be done to break the cycle of violence) and advocacy for peace. It strives to achieve an informed citizenship by way of its open platform for knowledge production and informed debate on Syria. Its research is read widely across the world.

In 2015-16, the Asfari Foundation supported a Badael project assessing the learning needs of Syrian civil society, followed by training for 11 trainers in Turkey and cascading to wider civil society inside Syria by way of 31 training sessions. As a result of this face-to-face and online training, civil society leaders in Syria gained peace-building skills. The project was particularly aimed at Syrian civil society grassroots organisation members between the ages of 20-40. In 2017, the Asfari Foundation is supporting Badael by covering part of its operational costs in order for it to continue implementing its programmes for Syrian civil society activists. Asfari funding will cover four core staff salaries, staff training and psychosocial support for staff, increasing its organisational capacity and allowing its programmatic operations to continue to be sustainable and support Syrian civil society.