Target groups: Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Social Entrepreneurs (SE).

Activities: Fellowship, Hackathon (intensive support programme), Accelerator (tailor made support programme).

Duration: Fellowship (3-6 months), Hackathon (1-2 weeks), Accelerator (4 months). Please see timeline at the end.

Available funding: Up to £370 per month for SE, 5 small grants of £7,000 for CSOs, £75,000 per year up to three years for CSOs.


Are you a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that wants to strengthen your impact, innovation, sustainability, and robustness? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

We have developed a new ‘Innovation in Sustainability’ Programme running this year. The programme comes from our understanding that funding is not as available as it has been in the past and CSOs are increasingly required to think innovatively about sustainable business models.


This programme will have four different stages/components spread over 7 months all designed to support CSOs:

(1) Fellowship:

Matching aspiring Social Entrepreneurs (SE) with CSOs to support each other to develop new sustainable services/products, or reprogramme existing ones to become more sustainable.

(2) Hackathon:

An intensive one/two weeks programme to support CSOs to progress the ideas created in the Fellowship, or other ones they have, and develop them further with a larger network of practitioners and mentors. The only thing you need to do is attend and discuss your ideas. Winners will receive a small prize!

(3) Accelerator:

A tailored four-month programme to support each CSO with one-to-one support and mentorship to continue to develop and test their ideas.

(4) Organisational Development Grant:

CSOs will also have the chance to receive multi-year funding from the Asfari Foundation to strengthen their capacity and sustainability. More details on this opportunity will be released later in the year, so keep an eye out on this page!



  • Can join at any stage/component and will not need to go through the whole programme to receive support.
  • Must be Levantine. Based in the Levant, or their work is currently supporting communities residing in the Levant.
  • Area of specialty must be related to good governance, independent media, active citizenship, education/lifelong learning, employment/entrepreneurship, or innovation. The CSO must be interested in developing a sustainable solution or reprogramming existing ones related to those thematic areas.
  • Must mentor fellows by offering them best practices, their know how, access to their communities and team members, and access to their office space to use if possible.
  • Must be willing to take part in the hackathon and accelerator to continue developing their solutions.
  • Hosting a fellow for 6 months could be part time or full time online or in person.
  • A select group of successful CSOs may receive £7,000 as a grant to continue developing their solutions.
  • They may also be offered a £75,000 grant at the end of the programme for a year with the potential of extending it to multiple years (conditions apply and process is competitive).


  • Successful candidates must be willing and able to support CSO develop/reprogramme services/products to become more sustainable.
  • Successful candidates will be offered a compensation up to $500 per month to support them during the fellowship (T&Cs apply).
  • The fellowship will support areas of work related to good governance, independent media, active citizenship, education/lifelong learning, employment/entrepreneurship, or innovation. Fellows must be interested in developing a solution related to one or a number of those thematic areas.
  • The placement will be at a CSO (By local we mean Levantine or in the Levant) working on any of those thematic areas. Fellows must be willing to support the CSO to think about new services or adapt existing services to become more sustainable using entrepreneurial frameworks and tools. At the same time, they would have the opportunity to learn best practices, have access to communities and their needs, and supportive network to learn from.
  • The CSO will be selected either on behalf of the entrepreneur/fellow or recommended by them. It also could be a company as long as the entrepreneur/fellow will focus on a social challenge through their work. The charity or company must be based in the Levant or focus it’s programming on the Levant.
  • Fellows must commit to supporting the CSO throughout the hackathon and accelerator.


Please visit the dedicated TABADOL تبادل website which contains all the details you need on how to get involved in the different phases of the programme.


Feel free to reach out via email anytime: