American University of Beirut Medical Center

Since 1902, the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) has acted as the most trusted healthcare provider in Lebanon and the wider region, handlingAUBMC over 360,000 patient visits annually. AUBMC aims to improve the health of the community in Lebanon and the region through the delivery of exceptional quality care to its patients, as well as excellence in education and training and leadership in innovative research. AUB has strong foundations in medical education and healthcare, and its AUBMC 2020 Vision aims to build on this by improving its facilities and capacity, establishing new centres of excellence to provide new medical options for the treatment of illnesses in the Arab world and investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

The medical needs of Syrian refugees in Lebanon have never been greater. AUBMC is responding to this by increasing healthcare and medical services to refugees in the country. In 2013 AUBMC established three Urgent Care Centres in north Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley and the south of Lebanon, in addition to a mobile clinic to visit refugee camps. In 2016-17 the Asfari Foundation is supporting the running of these centres, which provide free healthcare to Syrian patients in need of urgent medical support of all ages. The centres can treat up to 1300 refugees per month.