Al Madad Foundation

Al Madad Foundation is a UK and UAE registered charity promoting education and literacy to disadvantaged and refugee children across the Middle East. Al Madad envisions a Middle East where basic education and literacy are accessible to all, where young minds are cultivated and where children are given the tools to build positive futures for themselves and for those around them. It is made up of three core projects, namely: a Children’s Learning Centre in Baalbeck, Lebanon; a START programme, which operates art workshops across seven countries for orphans, refugees and special needs children reaching over 2,000 vulnerable children ev3ery week; and a scholarships programme, which enables and supports motivated and talented disadvantaged young adults to achieve higher education qualifications through a prestigious two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in the UK and a three-year in-country scholarship at good universities across the MENA region.

In 2016 the Asfari Foundation supported Al Madad Foundation’s educational programme for young Syrian refugees (aged 4-14) at its Children’s Learning Centre in Baalbek, Lebanon. In partnership with local implementing NGO Ana Aqra Association, it provides teaching in basic literacy and numeracy for Syrian pupils in a bid to later reintroduce them into formal education in the Lebanese public school system. The Asfari Foundation will continue to support this Learning Centre in 2017, benefiting 192 Syrian children and underprivileged host community children from 3-5 years old and helping them gain access to basic non-formal literacy and numeracy education. In particular, this will ensure a safe learning space for Syrian refugee children facing challenges in terms of accessing or staying in formal schools.