Asfari Learning Development Grants! Apply Now!

22nd November 2021

⏰ There’s still time to apply for The Asfari Foundation‘s ‘Learning Development Grants’ – APPLY NOW! 👇

These are a new type of small ‘injection grant’ from The Asfari Foundation – up to £5000 – to support local CSOs to invest in their development as learning organisations and produce content that can be shared with our growing community on Midan: A Knowledge Hub for Civil Society.

The eligibility criteria, and more details about the grant and what we are expecting from applicants, are provided in the call document (pictured below or 🔗

👉 Deadline for applications: 29 November 2021, 11:59pm (UK time).

💻 Q&A webinar recording available here: 🔗

Ready to apply? Access the application form here: 🔗

Spread the word 🙏