2020 Open Call Updates

GENERAL UPDATE: 23 March 2020

The Asfari Foundation’s 2020 Open Call is now closed to new applications!

If you have already submitted an application – thank you! We are really excited to see your submissions and will be in touch with further information in due course.

For reference, the details of our two grant programmes for 2020 are below:

  1. The Civil Society Programme (CSP) – instructions here.
  2. The Youth Learning, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme (YLEAP) – instructions here.

For Frequently Asked Questions & Webinar joining details,  click here.

For Audio Recordings of the Webinars click here.

If you have any questions about the application process feel free to contact us at: programmes@asfarifoundation.org.uk

YLEAP UPDATE: 13 February 2020

We have received some questions asking for clarification of the types of application suitable for YLEAP applicants:

  • We encourage all those with questions who are interested in applying to attend the YLEAP webinar – joining instructions here.
  • Below are some hypothetical examples of applications that could align with the three themes set out in our eligibility criteria – these examples are NOT intended to be a prescriptive or exhaustive list, just an aid to your thinking. We encourage you to be creative!

Ecosystem building in Lebanon

  • Lebanese entrepreneurship organisation innovating a model that brings together various actors in the ecosystem to support strengthen the entrepreneurship pipeline (grant would be to test the model).
  • Four Lebanon ecosystem players (and maybe another INGO or global entrepreneurship player) come together to create an entrepreneurship programme from ideation to impact investment in Lebanon over three years (grant would be to fund the coordination not programmatic delivery).

Solutions to challenges

  • A Lebanon based enterprise innovating a technology or a model utilising AI and blockchain to reduce cost of running entrepreneurship programmes and improve system efficiencies (grant would be offered to test the innovation).
  • A global entrepreneurship ecosystem player/private company with a validated innovation that offers a solution to access to finance (or any other challenge faced by entrepreneurs and their supporting ecosystem) that could be replicated in Lebanon (grant would be to pilot replicate the innovation).
  • A Lebanon based network working to standardise requirements of each stage of support on the entrepreneurship spectrum to facilitate seamless exits from programmes and entrance in others (grant would be to research the standards and buy in).

Building on the Asfari Challenge for Social Innovation (ACSI)

  • An ecosystem player (anywhere) offering to accelerate a graduate of ACSI (grant would be to support with operational costs).
  • A fabrication lab to support with developing new prototypes for a graduate of ACSI.
  • A mentoring network to support five graduating teams for two years.