‘We are Syria’ – a short film to promote hope

23rd December 2019

Syria is not a conflict, a civil war, a humanitarian disaster, or a statistic. It is made up of talented, unique, and diverse people, who all have something to offer and who all deserve a promising future. This Syrian produced film captures the hopes and dreams of some Syrians across the world. We are Syria!


This film was produced by the Asfari Foundation in collaboration with the Hands Up Foundation, with sincere thanks to the following organisations and individual contributors who supported the project, and the Syrian creative team who brought the vision together in such a compelling way: Enab Baladi, Karam Foundation, Sawa, Ad Dar Centre, Amideast, Silk Road, SAMS, Jusoor, International Rescue Committee, Ana Aqra, Arab British Centre, Rahma Hospital, Malaak, Jomana Qaddour, Hayan Dukhan, Marcelle Hana…and special thanks to Waref Abu Quba for the graphic design!